Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Radar Eyes NYC

RADAR EYES, an exhibition of hallucinogenic prints curated by Canadian printmaking duo Seripop, Chicago gallerist Reuben Kinkaid, and The Space L.I.C. will open Friday, November 6th, 7pm at Fardom Gallery, 25-17 41st Avenue, Long Island City. Around the corner, a secret space will stash many more prints and a new installation by NYC artist Sakura Maku. Gallery goers will enjoy an exciting dual-opening of hundreds of works evoking altered states, perpetual distortions, and outright hallucinations.

Including works by Le Dernier Cri (Marseilles, France), Xander Marro and Lief Goldberg (Providence, RI), Dutch Illustrator Zeloot, Minneapolis-based Danimal, and Seripop (Montreal), this show offers a mind-expanding aesthetic experience for all.
RADAR EYES debuted in 2008 at the Co-Prosperity Sphere (Chicago), home of the Public Media Institute. RADAR EYES will travel to Glasgow, U.K. early spring of 2010. This edition of the exhibition was made possible by NYC artist's collaborative The Space, which has been dedicated to the use of underutilized properties in the name of art since 2001.

Fardom Gallery is open wednesday and friday 12 to 9, and thursday and saturday 12 to 6, Thu and Sat 12-6. Show runs Fri Nov 6 thru Wed Dec 2. Opening reception will be from 7 to 9 pm Trains: F (21st Street/ Queensbridge), 7NW (Queensboro Plaza), EVGR (Queensplaza)

Proper wine & cheese throughout the opening. Jams from Dj Ej from 9pm onward.

For more info and links to the artists' work:

the organizers:

awesome show poster by Jeremiah Chiu of PLURAL

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  1. Yes!
    So excited this show is coming to town.
    Are there posters for the show itself?
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